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Anker 1

spick and span.

Just the best is good enouth for our clients!

Our well-cared fleet represents the high environmental regulations and our quality-standards. 

We just transport liquid food of high quality like juces, wine, milk and food concentrates. 

No fat and no oil.


For the perfect execution of large orders we work with trustable transport-companies from South Tyrol, Italy, Swiss, Austria and Germany, which we share our quality-standards with.

All our tanks are:
- made of stainless steel 
- thermo isolated with double dome cover insulation
- ATP-certified
- with food approval of the hygiene office of Bolzano / Italy.
- equipped with temperature sensors
- ca. 31.000 liter capacity; for international transports the allowed capacity is 26.000 liter
- with 4 – 5 or – 6 chambers
- with Verification certificate: calibrated from the vom certification-office in Innsbruck/Austria.

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